Smurzynski v. Kensington Wells, Inc., et. al. ⇒ $1.84 million
(including $1 million in punitive damages and interest)

The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus obtained an arbitration award of $1.84 million including $1 million in punitive damages and interest for clients who alleged that the stocks they invested in were manipulated and that material facts were misrepresented to them.

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“Cary Lapidus is probably the most well prepared attorney with whom I have ever dealt. He has excellent judgment and understanding of the law. Most important of all, he is highly ethical and those who deal with him know that his word is his bond.“
Paul Dubow
Opposing Counsel & Mediator in Six Cases

Current Interest


Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus is investigating investor losses from oil and gas Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are tax-exempt, publicly traded companies that combine the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of publicly traded securities.

Over the last year, many MLPs have experienced dramatic declines with some funds dropping 50% and more. Several MLPs are suspending or decreasing their distributions to investors. Income-seeking investors, particularly retirees, were advised by their brokers and financial advisors to invest in these funds because there were supposedly safe and secure income-generating investments, similar to bonds, with modest risk. In fact, MLPs and funds are risky and speculative investments that were not suitable or appropriate for conservative investors. The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus is investigating the following MLPs:

Emerge Energy Services LP
Linn Energy LLC
BreitBurn Energy Partners LP
Hi-Crush Partners LP
Mid-Con Energy Partners LP
EV Energy Partners LP
Legacy Reserves
Memorial Production Ptrs LP
Vanguard Nat. Resources LLC
Seadrill Partners LLC
Plains GP Holdings
Kinder Morgan Inc
Energy Transfer Equity LP
World Point Terminal LP
Markwest Energy Partners LP
Crestwood Equity Partners LP
Shell Midstream Partners LP
Rice Midstream Partners LP
Linn Energy Upstream LP
Legacy Reserves MLP
Alerian MLP ETF
Mid-Con Energy Partners
Enlink Midstream Partners LP
DCP Midstream Partners LP
Antero Midstream Partners LP
Enable Midstream Partners LP
Southcross Energy Partners LP
Cone Midstream Partners LP
Legacy Reserves MLP
TC Pipelines LP
American Midstream Partners
JP Energy Partners LP
Targa Resources Partners LP
Enbridge Energy Partners LP
Columbia Pipeline Partners
Williams Partners LP
Midcoast Energy Partners LP

If you invested and lost money based upon misrepresentations regarding MLPs, feel free to contact our firm at (415) 296-7101 or by e-mail to to learn more about MLPs and your options.

Here is an article from Barrons addressing the risks of MLPs.

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Exchange Traded Funds
The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus represents senior citizens in cases involving the purchase and sale of Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs). These investments often involve the use of leverage and are unsuitable for investors who intend to hold an investment for more than a few days.

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Elder Abuse
The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus represents senior citizens in cases involving the financial exploitation of the elderly by unscrupulous investment advisers and securities brokerage firms.

Most recently, the firm has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court against Chase Bank which alleged elder abuse in a situation in which the Chase Bank branch manager, Mansoor Rahmani, had elderly bank customers loan him over $275,000. Rahmani has filed for bankruptcy and has not repaid most of the loan. The firm is seeking compensation and attorneys' fees for the amounts lost by the elderly clients based upon the California Elder Abuse Act and other claims. For further information, see our website's "In the News" section for the San Francisco Chronicle article entitled "Suit Alleges Elder Financial Abuse By Former Chase Bank Manager".

Our firm has a particular interest in helping victims of elder abuse and welcomes other investors with similar claims and experiences to contact our office.

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UBS Reverse Convertible Notes
The Law Offices of Cary S. Lapidus is representing clients against UBS relating to the sale of reverse convertible notes. These investments are deriviatives which are tied to individual stocks. The notes were sold to UBS customers from 2011 to 2014, many of whom were inexperienced and unsophisticated.

Among the reverse convertible notes sold by UBS are the following:

Trigger Yield Optimization Notes

Trigger Autocall Optimization Securities

Trigger Phoenix Autocall Optimization Securities

Airbag Yield Optimization Securities

Airbag Autocallable Yield Optimization Notes

If you invested and lost money on reverse convertible notes, feel free to contact Cary S. Lapidus at (415) 296-7101 or by e-mail to to learn more about your options.

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Please contact us for assistance with securities arbitration law, securities litigation, broker misconduct, investment advisor misconduct and investment losses.

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